The folio finally arrives!

My case finally arrived today – if you want the story of finding a decent iPad folio just read the previous post and replace “iPad” with “iPad folio”.  Didn’t want the Apple case with the enormous Apple loge, as the plan is to try to incorporate the tablet into work if sensible.  Googled some reviews and kept seeing the Tuff Luv (really, that’s what its called) leather folio on almost every “best of” list.  The bad news, they estimated delivery on 6/16 – the good news, it did arrive on 6/16 and it is really well made.  The leather is good quality and soft, with a design similar to the Apple brand case in that it can be used as a stand.  The Tuff Luv stand is more robust, and has 6 angles via a series of snaps. Overall, its a higher quality product than the few other folio style iPad cases I’ve seen in person.

Feels a bit awkward to hold at first, but nowhere near as uncomfortable as the naked iPad, with it’s weight and thin, hard corners.  In time, I think its going to be comfortable to work with, and when closed, looks more like an executive notepad than an electronics sleeve.  For a closer look:

Also picked up a stylus to see if it would make the notepad and sketchpad apps I’d downloaded in the hopes of being able to create network diagram overviews in client meetings. More on that in another post. Quick impression, the Dr. Bott Ten One Design Pogo Stylus (again with the product names…) is a keeper, and definitely is more legible than using a finger to write and draw with. Better buy some more, as it’s really small (the name above may be longer than the stylus) and there isn’t a good place to store it in the folio. Might have to look into making these at home, as it doesn’t appear to be much more than a conductive aluminum tube with a bit conductive foam at the tip.

Also bought the Apple dock, primarily to connect the iPad to the home theater, but haven’t test driven it yet.

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